Privacy and Security Policies

Tropical Incentives is committed to ensure the confidentiality/privacy of the personal information obtained through its website services. We suggest you to read the following norms to be able to understand the treatment of your personal information when utilizing the services of the website These confidentiality norms can undergo changes in the future, hence it is recommend to review them periodically.

1.-Information confidentiality

When you are on Tropical Incentives website and you are asked for personal data you will share your information only with Tropical Incentives, unless otherwise specified.

Tropical incentives will not share the confidential information with third parties, except when having expressed authorization from whom subscribed or when it has been required by court order to fulfil the trial disposition.

Tropical Incentives does not sell nor sublet the users’ information. If the users’ personal data should be shared with business associates or sponsors, then the user will be notified before those were collected or transferred. If the user does not want their data to be shared they can decide not to use a specific service.

Tropical Incentives can broadcast the account information on special cases; when providing this information might be useful to identify, localize or execute legal actions against people that could contravene the website service conditions property of Tropical Incentives or cause damages or interference over the rights of Tropical Incentives or its properties, on other Tropical Incentives website users or over other person that could result impaired by those actions.

2.-About personal information protection

The information given by the user is secured by a personal identification number, to which only the user has access and knowledge.

We recommend you not to reveal your password to anyone. Tropical Incentives will not ask for your password through any phone call or not requested emails. At all times, the user is the solely and absolute responsible for keeping undisclosed; his user number, personal password, key access and confidential number that he is using to access the services and contents of Tropical Incentives website. To diminish risks Tropical Incentives recommends users to log out their account and close the window browser when ending session, especially when using a shared computer or when using a public computer like in aLibrary or Cyber Coffee.

Once the data are received we will do our best to safeguard its safety in our security systems. On this matter Tropical Incentives Team has focused its efforts to provide topnotch, up-to-date technology to offer you the plausible highest security level.

3.-Terms Agreement

This Confidentiality/Privacy Declaration is subject to Tropical Incentives Terms and Conditions, whichestablishes a legal agreement in between the user and Tropical Incentives.

If the user is using the services from any Tropical Incentives websites that means he has read, understood and agreed to the Terms exposed before. If the user does not agree with them he shall not give any personal information nor use the services from Tropical Incentives websites.

4.-Our Privacy/Confidentiality Policy minimal principles

Over the next lines Tropical Incentives will briefly describe the ruling principles of its Privacy and Confidentiality Policy about the information given by its online services users:

a)Tropical Incentives will only gather necessary information from the client to provide personalized services that are available on its websites, and it will be only used for those purposes it was requested for.

b)Tropical Incentives endeavors to protect the quality of the information being gathered about its online services users, especially when it had been obtained through some information services supplier.

c)Tropical Incentives emphases its energies on providing the topnotch and up-to-date technology with the intention to offer to its clients/users the plausible highest security level for managing and transferring the required information on the diverse data requirements processes.

d)Tropical Incentives eschews information release about the client/user but only releases it in regard of those data that specifically had been authorized for. e)At all times, Tropical Incentives is heedful to the manifested clients/users concerns in regard of themanagement of the information given for the diverse online processes.

f)Tropical Incentives shares with its personnel the responsibility about the information carefulness, making them partakers of the guidelines exposed in the Privacy/Confidentiality Policy documents.


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