Top Destinations for your Incentive trip.

Incentive trips are a great tool to strengthen ties between your collaborators, likewise these trips help us to increase their performance. To carry out this type of trip successfully, you must consider the destination where it will take place, from dinners, tours, team building activities among others.
That is why here we want to share some destinations with you so that you can successfully carry out your incentive trip.

• Cancun

Cancun is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world and the main one Mexico. It has beaches with turquoise blue waters and fine white sand, a vibrant nightlife that offers all kinds of clubs, bars and entertainment centers, endless activities such as visits to archaeological sites, water parks, zip lines and golf courses, class shopping worldwide and a great diversity of gastronomic options.

• Los Cabos

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Los Cabos stands out for its geography, where its desert contrasts with the intense blue of the Sea of ​​Cortes and its peculiar vegetation. The activities and tours that you find in this destination are the best combination between the views of the Pacific Ocean and the mountains. The luxury hotel offer distinguishes this destination, as it offers hotels of more than 5 stars. In Los Cabos you can live unparalleled experiences, such as observing gray whales, dolphins, sea lions and hammerhead sharks.

Punta Cana

Punta Cana is a world reference in sustainable tourism, it has a wide range of world-class facilities, services and tours, which make it the most famous destination in the Dominican Republic. In addition, the destination offers many fun activities and from water sports to glamorous shopping. It has an international airport that has received around 10 million passengers. Witness its culture influenced by all over the world, but mainly from Europe.

• Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a perfect destination for those who enjoy calm beaches, since its almost zero waves are safe for swimming all year round. This destination offers entertainment for all tastes, from exclusive venues to popular clubs. Puerto Vallarta is perfect for adventure, as it offers you various activities, underwater, on the beach, mountains, jungle and even in the city. Puerto Vallarta offers a wide variety of gastronomic styles led by renowned chefs, also during the months of December to April you can witness whale watching.


Mexico City is a cosmopolitan city, where its rich historical past coexists with its modern life. Its airport receives the largest number of passengers in the country, reaching more than 44 million a year. Mexico City has first-class entertainment activities: multiple theaters and interesting archaeological remains, museums, international cuisine, incredible shopping experiences, stately mansions, colonial neighborhoods, a vibrant nightlife. It also has a large and developed hotel infrastructure with lounges and spaces to accommodate one or more simultaneous business or social events.

Now that you know which are the top destinations to make your incentive trip and what each of them offers, all you have to do is choose one and approach your trusted sales agent at Tropical Incentives DMC and start with all the details to carry your trip successfully.

Contact us and we will make your trip an unforgettable experience.

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Reasons to make your event with Tropical Incentives DMC

Tropical Incentives DMC is a company that was born in 1984 with a great knowledge about Cancun and Riviera Maya, seeking to provide professional services in design in the implementation of events, activities and logistics of programs focused on incentive groups, conventions and social events, our extensive experience in the MICE industry (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Events) allows us to offer a solid structure and impeccable planning, with creative concepts and services of the highest quality.

Staying at the forefront allowed us to open offices in Los Cabos in 1992, Puerto Vallarta in 1995, Mexico City in 2012 and Punta Cana in 2019. Tropical Incentives is not only an event designer, but also serves as a producer, director, consultant planner, and strategist.

Our experience allows us to understand the needs of each of our clients, because within our services we offer:

    We design activities and programs with different themes so each and every one of the travelers can participate and live experiences.

    We create web pages focused on groups in which activities and services that our clients require are programmed. We also produce all kinds of work material from stationery to presentations.
    Our transportation service aims to warmly welcome passengers by providing relevant information about the destination, accompanying them during their journey until they return home.

    Our hospitality tables are installed in the hotels where our clients stay, providing information about the destination, facilitating access to any activity they wish.
    We publicize the highlights of each destination in which we work through our list of tours and cultural, adventure, aquatic activities, we can design the best activities for our clients making it something unique.

We reinforce the union between collaborators through interaction activities, with different dynamics and community projects where we reinforce values ​​such as generosity, love, and solidarity.

Our clients will enjoy exquisite food and drink tastings in the best restaurants in each destination, according to their style and budget.

We do everything possible to get the perfect location in any of our destinations. If our clients have a theme in mind, we will take care of making it a reality, from decoration, logistics, selection of food and drinks to entertainment for an unforgettable experience.

Our clients will have a complete experience by providing them with original amenities, personalized gifts that will make them feel recognized. Our alliances with different suppliers combined with our creativity give us great ideas to pamper each of our clients.

Now that you know that Tropical Incentives DMC can offer you a 360 service for your groups, you can be sure that your trip will be carried out successfully. Approach an advisor to be able to design your program according to your needs. contact us and our experts will help you make it happen. Contact us for more information and don’t forget to visit our social networks to learn more about us and our services.

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5 reason to have your corporate even in Cancun

Cancun is the most popular tourism destination in Mexico. This destination offers first-class hotel and business infrastructure, resorts with luxurious, state-of-the-art facilities, making it an ideal spot for meetings, incentive trips, or conventions.

With its stunning natural attractions, Cancun brings millions of tourists and businesspeople form across the world looking for a place to get away for a while.

Cancun has a Convention Center with more than 213,000 square meters of meeting space.  Cancun is a role model of tourism in Mexico; there are very few places in the world that can match the range of facilities, services, tours, and activities on offer, that’s why we bring 5 reason to make your corporate event in Cancun.

    Cancun’s white sandy beaches and crystalline turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea make its beaches perfect for water sports, relaxing in the sun, the beaches are listed among the most beautiful in the world.
    Cancun has something for everyone, and this is especially true once the sun goes down. Cancun nightlife is synonymous with fun and entertainment; the Hotel Zone is where you’ll find Cancun’s best nightclubs, which wow visitors with special effects, laser and light shows, and non-stop music.
    In Cancun you will have so much to do that will be hard to choose what to do first. From exciting water sports, glamorous shopping, theme park to tours to archeological sites, and beautiful islands nearby
    Cancun offers something for all budgets, its standard-bearer for organizing events in Mexico, offering the largest number of rooms and convection space. Cancun has all you need for a successful event.
Cancun beach during summer
    Cancun also has a rich and varied culinary offering, thanks to the different cultures, with local complementing dishes, from fine dining to street meals, Cancun has earned its stars as a foodie’s paradise.

Now you are ready to make the best decision. Get ready to explore the Mexican Caribbean with such a vivid program with the only experts.

Viva Mexico: Mexican Party.

This September 15th we celebrate one more year of the independence of Mexico that began on September 15, 1810, and ended on September 27, 1821, so this year we also celebrate 200 years of the consummation of independence.

This date is one of the most celebrated holidays in Mexico. We take advantage of this date to be with our families and friends to enjoy a night with delicious traditional Mexican dishes, great music and decorations that will make you feel like you were in Mexico.

Mexican nights are recognized around the world for their decoration, gastronomy, music, and atmosphere. Here we want to share with you five important things that should not be missed in a true Mexican night:

1.- Food:
In a true Mexican party food is important, great dishes like pozole or chiles en nogada are top dishes on the list, but also is guacamole, cocktail fruits, pico de gallo, nachos, this are perfect dishes to share, and to enjoy in a Mexican party.

2.- Drinks:
The great companion of the dishes are the drinks and being a Mexican party, the natural flavored waters will be perfect, such as agua de jamaica, horchata or tamarind. A good tequila, mezcal or beer should not be missing to prepare cocktails such as palomas, margarita or a michelada.

3.- Decoration:
A successful Mexican party must have decorations that scream Mexico, green, white, and red are the predominant colors, with that in mind, Mexican confetti will color the place, mariachi hats on tables or walls, zarape and more, the idea is to have a place full of color.

4.- Games:
Games cannot be absent at a Mexican party.  Loteria is the game that every attendant will want to play, it’s like playing bingo, it consists of 10 tables and 54 cards, the cards are called and the first player to make a line of four wins. Also you can play blind man, pirinola and others, some fair games that will amuse and entertain everyone during the night.

5.- Music:
To put atmosphere to this great party, do not forget to make a playlist with traditional Mexican music, band, mariachi, ranchero, a little cumbia and even salsa, any genre that makes everyone dance and sing will make your party an unforgettable night and dancers showing the most representative dances of the country to liven up the night.

At Tropical Incentives DMC we can make a completely Mexican night for your group, and they can enjoy the best of Mexico in an unforgettable event, contact us and our experts will help you make it happen.


Have you ever wondered what is a DMC, what does it do, what is its main objective?
Today we’ll explain what a DMC and Tropical Incentives DMC does to keep its customers happy.

A DMC is a Destination Management Company, that offers global solutions for any event even corporate travel. There are different types of DMC, the business ones, which focus on congresses and fairs, the specialized ones, which pre-design trips for groups and the mixed ones, which is a combination of the first two.
DMCs are specialists in destinations as they have resources, suppliers and extensive experience in designing business events, conventions and incentive trips in the destination of your choice.

Let’s imagine that you have a large company, and you want to celebrate the good income on your company and congratulate them for they’re good performance in it, by taking your coworkers to a trip, to celebrate and reward them. So, you want to take a trip with them travel to a beautiful place, take them for a tour, try the most delicious dishes and make teambuilding activities. To make that possible you just must contact a DMC, so they can organize everything for you and your company’s travel. 

What the DMC will do is to offer you different destinations, and from that organize all the program for your trip. From choosing the host destination, to the flight and hotels reservations, activities, gastronomy selection, program during your event, tours, activities to the day your come back to your hometown.

When you are ready of the destination you want and the activities for your group, you can carry out a site inspection, which are guided tours by experts to the venues that will lead to certain activities of your trip, you can see the protocol of the event from the pick-up from your host hotel to the venue and back to the hotel and all the activities in between. This is where you can solve all your doubts about the event, spaces, how the decoration will look, how your group will be accommodated, where the activities, registrations, etc. will take place.

The client can also ask the DMC for specific amenities and gifts for their group, the dinners or lunches that they will have, if it will be a theme dinner/party, the DMC will oversee in its list of suppliers, which one will be the perfect to fulfill until the last detail previously required by the client.

The work of a DMC does not end at the culmination of the event, but also, they later review what were the strengths of the service, analyze surveys and questionnaires filled out by their clients to measure whether the company’s objectives have been met, at the same time they stay in contact with them to offer new services, tours and activities to their client portfolio, to be able to host their next event.

Tropical Incentives DMC being a mixed DMC can help you with all the above since we offer a wide range of services such as: program design, meetings and conventions, transportation, hospitality table, tours, activities and events, gastronomic selection, locations and amenities. We have more than 35 years of experience and we are experts in managing groups and destinations.

Contact us for more information and don’t forget to visit our social networks to learn more about us and our services.