Lighthouse World Day

Lighthouses have been an important part in the history of life on the high seas, as they have provided safety and guidance to sailors since ancient times. Nowadays lighthouses are also a great spot to take photos, that’s why we share a list of the lighthouses that you must visit in Mexico

1.- Punta Cancun – Cancun

This lighthouse is in one of the most emblematic places in the Mexican Caribbean, painted white and red, this lighthouse is located right on one of the tips of the island of Cancun, the perfect spot to enjoy an incredible sunset.

2.- The Old Lighthouse of Cabo Falso – Los Cabos

This lighthouse is a now a monument located 15 km from downtown Cabo San Lucas and built almost 112 years ago. Since its inauguration on May 5, 1905, it was a guide for ships from all over the world who arrived at the port of Cabo San Lucas.

3.- Puerto Morelos Lighthouse – Riviera Maya

The Puerto Morelos Lighthouse is very peculiar and its history shows the resistance of this small town in 1967 this port was hit by Hurricane Beulah, with winds of almost 200 km / h that ended everything in its path, except this small lighthouse, which managed to incline it, making it an iconic place of the port

4.- The Matamoros Lighthouse – Puerto Vallarta

The lighthouse in downtown Puerto Vallarta has a square base design and white stripes with black. This lighthouse, like all of them, was used to guide sailors at night. It was built in 1932 and operated until 1978. In 2006 it was opened to the public after being remodeled with stairs and a terrace to enjoy a panoramic view of Puerto Vallarta.

You can visit any of these sites and do many other activities in the destinations we have for you and your next group trip.

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Welcome to the Mexican Caribbean, a safe paradise.

Summer has begun, and the Mexican Caribbean has begun to receive tourists from various parts of the world, who as always have been happy to visit the beautiful turquoise blue beaches, cenotes, tourist attractions, culture and local gastronomy. Thanks to the actions established by the state government, the tourism promotion council, private initiative and tourism service providers in the Mexican Caribbean have successfully reopened the doors to tourism.

The hotel sector welcomed the authorization of the vaccination campaign for the tourist industry staff in the destinations of Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Riviera Maya, which allows the Mexican Caribbean to offer tourists greater confidence and security during their stay.

Currently, the destination has a hotel occupancy of 65%, it is worth mentioning that the Mexican Caribbean has the Global Safety Stamp (Global Safety Stamp) granted by the WTTC to the destinations that adopted its standards to guarantee the protection of tourists.It’s time to live new experiences #WelcomeToParadiseAgain

Cancun beach during summer