Have you ever wondered what is a DMC, what does it do, what is its main objective?
Today we’ll explain what a DMC and Tropical Incentives DMC does to keep its customers happy.

A DMC is a Destination Management Company, that offers global solutions for any event even corporate travel. There are different types of DMC, the business ones, which focus on congresses and fairs, the specialized ones, which pre-design trips for groups and the mixed ones, which is a combination of the first two.
DMCs are specialists in destinations as they have resources, suppliers and extensive experience in designing business events, conventions and incentive trips in the destination of your choice.

Let’s imagine that you have a large company, and you want to celebrate the good income on your company and congratulate them for they’re good performance in it, by taking your coworkers to a trip, to celebrate and reward them. So, you want to take a trip with them travel to a beautiful place, take them for a tour, try the most delicious dishes and make teambuilding activities. To make that possible you just must contact a DMC, so they can organize everything for you and your company’s travel. 

What the DMC will do is to offer you different destinations, and from that organize all the program for your trip. From choosing the host destination, to the flight and hotels reservations, activities, gastronomy selection, program during your event, tours, activities to the day your come back to your hometown.

When you are ready of the destination you want and the activities for your group, you can carry out a site inspection, which are guided tours by experts to the venues that will lead to certain activities of your trip, you can see the protocol of the event from the pick-up from your host hotel to the venue and back to the hotel and all the activities in between. This is where you can solve all your doubts about the event, spaces, how the decoration will look, how your group will be accommodated, where the activities, registrations, etc. will take place.

The client can also ask the DMC for specific amenities and gifts for their group, the dinners or lunches that they will have, if it will be a theme dinner/party, the DMC will oversee in its list of suppliers, which one will be the perfect to fulfill until the last detail previously required by the client.

The work of a DMC does not end at the culmination of the event, but also, they later review what were the strengths of the service, analyze surveys and questionnaires filled out by their clients to measure whether the company’s objectives have been met, at the same time they stay in contact with them to offer new services, tours and activities to their client portfolio, to be able to host their next event.

Tropical Incentives DMC being a mixed DMC can help you with all the above since we offer a wide range of services such as: program design, meetings and conventions, transportation, hospitality table, tours, activities and events, gastronomic selection, locations and amenities. We have more than 35 years of experience and we are experts in managing groups and destinations.

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