Viva Mexico: Mexican Party.

This September 15th we celebrate one more year of the independence of Mexico that began on September 15, 1810, and ended on September 27, 1821, so this year we also celebrate 200 years of the consummation of independence.

This date is one of the most celebrated holidays in Mexico. We take advantage of this date to be with our families and friends to enjoy a night with delicious traditional Mexican dishes, great music and decorations that will make you feel like you were in Mexico.

Mexican nights are recognized around the world for their decoration, gastronomy, music, and atmosphere. Here we want to share with you five important things that should not be missed in a true Mexican night:

1.- Food:
In a true Mexican party food is important, great dishes like pozole or chiles en nogada are top dishes on the list, but also is guacamole, cocktail fruits, pico de gallo, nachos, this are perfect dishes to share, and to enjoy in a Mexican party.

2.- Drinks:
The great companion of the dishes are the drinks and being a Mexican party, the natural flavored waters will be perfect, such as agua de jamaica, horchata or tamarind. A good tequila, mezcal or beer should not be missing to prepare cocktails such as palomas, margarita or a michelada.

3.- Decoration:
A successful Mexican party must have decorations that scream Mexico, green, white, and red are the predominant colors, with that in mind, Mexican confetti will color the place, mariachi hats on tables or walls, zarape and more, the idea is to have a place full of color.

4.- Games:
Games cannot be absent at a Mexican party.  Loteria is the game that every attendant will want to play, it’s like playing bingo, it consists of 10 tables and 54 cards, the cards are called and the first player to make a line of four wins. Also you can play blind man, pirinola and others, some fair games that will amuse and entertain everyone during the night.

5.- Music:
To put atmosphere to this great party, do not forget to make a playlist with traditional Mexican music, band, mariachi, ranchero, a little cumbia and even salsa, any genre that makes everyone dance and sing will make your party an unforgettable night and dancers showing the most representative dances of the country to liven up the night.

At Tropical Incentives DMC we can make a completely Mexican night for your group, and they can enjoy the best of Mexico in an unforgettable event, contact us and our experts will help you make it happen.

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