Puebla is a modern and highly industrialized city, while also being one of the most authentic and traditional places in Mexico. The main attractions are located in the city’s gorgeous historic downtown area; here the colonial buildings showcase some of the purist examples of 17th and 18th century baroque architecture. During your time in this magical destination you can find lots of museums, more than 70 churches, convents and sanctuaries, and incredible buildings, such as the city's imposing Cathedral, which is over 207 feet high, and the region’s stunning archeological sites.

A visit to Puebla also allows you to taste some of the most famous local cuisine in Mexico, rich in aromas and flavor. The “poblana” cuisine provides a perfect blend of pre-Hispanic and Hispanic cultures, creating delicious dishes such as “chiles en nogada” and “mole poblano”, as well as exotic sweets and candies.

Puebla’s handicrafts are also very unique; here you can acquire refined Talavera pottery, beautiful onyx items and textiles. Another of the main attractions in Puebla is the Cholula Pyramid, which is considered to be one of the biggest monuments in the world and features 5 miles of tunnels for you to explore. If you are looking for adventure and you like to get close to nature, don’t pass up the chance to visit the impressive Popocatepetl-Iztacihuatl National Park.

All in all, Puebla is a vibrant architectural jewel in Mexico’s crown, offering sophisticated modern buildings complemented by the breathtaking beauty of vestiges of colonial Mexico.

Why choose Puebla for your work meetings,
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Puebla’s colonial architecture, cuisine and handicrafts combine with its first class hotels, shopping malls and excellent meeting and convention facilities to make it a perfect destination for business travelers, as well as for people looking for a culture-filled vacation.

Puebla International Airport operates connecting flights between 7 destinations in Mexico, as well as to Dallas and Houston in the United States. It operates more than 20 thousand flights a year, moving more than 500 thousand passengers. A major advantage for the city is that it offers easy ground access to important domestic destinations, including Mexico City, whose airport connects Puebla to the rest of the world.  Read more


Cholula's Pyramid is one of Puebla's main attractions. One of the biggest monuments in the world with a height of 210 ft. and a base spanning 1476 ft., this pyramid is twice as tall as Keops in Egypt. During the excavation of this beautiful archeological site they found 5 miles of tunnels, the “Mural de las Mariposas” (Butterfly Mural) and the “Mural de los Bebedores” (Drinkers Mural). On the site you’ll find a total of seven pyramids built one on top of the other over a period of six centuries, evolving into the pyramid you see today.  Read more

Colonial Architecture

The city of Puebla is home to what are maybe Mexico’s finest examples of 17th and 18th century colonial architecture; the Spanish architectural influence is more dominant here than in any other city in Mexico. The city was officially established by the Spaniards in 1531 and rather than being built within an existing indigenous community, Puebla was designed and built from the ground up by a Spanish architect. Puebla is home to more than 70 churches, though without a doubt the most impressive is the city's imposing cathedral, with its 207-feet high towers and fabulous dome. Puebla is also home to the oldest library in the Americas, named Biblioteca Palafoxiana.  Read more

Delicious Cuisine

Puebla’s famous regional cuisine comes as a result of a blend of pre-Hispanic and Spanish cultures and is closely tied to important events in the history of Mexico. Here you can try the delicious "Chiles en Nogada", a dish created by nuns from the Angustias convent as a way to pay homage to Agustin de Iturbide after signing the declaration of Mexican independence. Other dishes you have to try include the renowned “mole poblano”, the “chalupas”, the “escamoles” and “cemitas”, which will delight even the most demanding of palates. Besides the exquisite cuisine, Puebla also features a wide range of sweets and candies with peculiar names such as "tortitas de Santa Clara", "gaznates" and "borrachitos".  Read more

Excellent Groups and Conventions Infrastructure

Puebla has consolidated itself as a pillar in Mexico’s business, groups and conventions tourism industry thanks to its geographical location, its facilities, and its cuisine. It offers more than 8,000 business category hotel rooms of 4 stars or more, as well as first class facilities that include Puebla Convention Center and the UAP’s University Cultural Complex, whose outdoor esplanade can accommodate up to 15,000 people, as well as 3,500 attendees in its auditorium.

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